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Creating passive income, financial freedom, and generational wealth through real estate



NextGen Equity Group serves the growing need for workforce housing across the U.S. by acquiring and improving B and C class multifamily properties through upgrades, renovations, and operational efficiencies. Our mission is to create safe, affordable places to live while creating a sense of pride and inclusion within the resident base and local community. Through unwavering integrity and transparency, our team is committed to delivering results within the highest quality standards. Our management team works closely with strategic business partners across the real estate industry while providing excellent returns for our capital partners. 

Time freedom. Meaningful impact. Legacy. These are the driving forces towards our goal of creating a life by design. We are committed to leaving this world better than we found it while creating memorable experiences and maximizing the time spent with the people we care about most. Multifamily real estate is the vehicle by which this lifestyle is achieved.


Benefits of Investing in Multifamily Real Estate

Cash Flow

Multifamily properties produce stabilized, monthly or quarterly distributions.


Owning multifamily assets spreads your risk evenly across multiple units as opposed to having all your eggs in one basket, e.g., a single-family rental. 


Commercial multifamily assets are valued by the income they produce as opposed to comparable sales within the residential space.


These are tangible assets that produce high risk-adjusted returns while avoiding the volatility swings of the stock market.

Tax Benefits

Investors may benefit from lucrative tax efficiencies through depreciation, cost segregation, and 1031 exchanges.

Inflation Hedge

Owning real assets is a great way to minimize the impact of inflation. Contrary to the decreasing value of cash during inflationary periods, the value of real assets will rise concurrently.


Our Process


Team conducts market research to identify markets and submarkets with favorable demand drivers, economic conditions, and demographic growth trends


Team submits offer, negotiates purchase price, and performs more detailed due diligence to include in-depth review of financials and various inspections


Team takes over the property, improves the resident experience, and increases the value of the asset by implementing the business plan


Team sources undervalued assets meeting specific acquisition criteria and minimum return metrics, then conducts preliminary financial analysis and due diligence


Team finalizes debt terms and equity raise and closes the deal


Team sells or refinances for longer hold period depending on current market conditions


Meet the Team

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Troy Trecroce


After serving 11 years on active duty as an Air Force Officer, Troy is following his passion for real estate investing into the industry full-time.  He invests in apartments and manufactured housing communities both actively and passively. As an Air Force Contracting Officer, Troy has led multiple teams of military and civilian acquisition professionals and has developed a detailed-oriented, analytical skillset paired with a steady focus on higher-level objectives. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Real Estate & Finance from Florida State University. Troy is driven by the core values instilled in him during his time in the military: integrity, service, and excellence in all pursuits.


Dylan Marma, CCIM

Strategic Advisor

Dylan is a full-time commercial real estate investor. He sources and operates large apartment buildings and manufactured home parks. He has been investing for over five years and has completed ~$50M in acquisitions on the owner/operator side through a combination of direct ownership and syndications. Dylan is also a co-founder of a technology startup, EquityTree, that serves other deal sponsors who raise capital and partner with investors.

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